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  • Vigilante: Boku no Hero Academia Illegals

    Vigilante: Boku no Hero Academia Ill...



    Vigilante: Boku no Hero Academia Illegals

    Rating: 4.66

    Views: 20815 Monthly

    Genres: Action Shounen School Life

    Author: FURUHASHI Hideyuki

    Rank: 710th

    Summary: Spin-off of Boku no Hero Academia focusing on Vigilantes (unlicensed illegal heroes).

  • Star Martial God Technique

    Star Martial God Technique



    Star Martial God Technique

    Rating: 4.69

    Views: 140657 Monthly

    Genres: Action Adventure Drama

    Author: Mad Snail

    Rank: 12th

    Summary: In the whole world there lay twelve paths to climb the Tower of God, and in legends these twelve pat...

  • Rettou Hito no Maken Tsukai Sukiruboudo o Kushi Shite Saikyou ni Itaru

    Rettou Hito no Maken Tsukai Sukirubo...



    Rettou Hito no Maken Tsukai Sukiruboudo o Kushi Shite Saikyou ni Itaru

    Rating: 0

    Views: 97435 Monthly

    Genres: Adventure Drama Fantasy

    Author: HAGIU Aki

    Rank: 0th

    Summary: A normal office worker, Toru Minasuki, was swallowed up by a dimensional fissure and reincarnated in...

  • Dungeon Reset

    Dungeon Reset



    Dungeon Reset

    Rating: 0

    Views: 35303 Monthly

    Genres: Action Adventure Fantasy

    Author: Ant Studio Daul

    Rank: 0th

    Summary: Once it starts up, the dungeon goes through a process called “Reset the Next User”. Why doesn’t t...

  • Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!

    Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o...



    Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!

    Rating: 4.63

    Views: 29524 Monthly

    Genres: Adventure Comedy Fantasy

    Author: AKATSUKI Natsume

    Rank: 213th

    Summary: The life of Satou Kazuma, a hikikomori who likes games, all too soon came to an end because of a tra...

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  • Maydare Tensei Monogatari


    Maydare Tensei Monogatari

    Rating: 0

    Views: 10970 Monthly

    Genres: Adventure Comedy Drama

    Author: YUUMA Midori

    Rank: 1th

    Summary: Makia is a noble lady descended from an infamous witch. Thor, a boy who was raised with her and came...

  • The Lazy Prince Becomes a Genius


    The Lazy Prince Becomes a Genius

    Rating: 0

    Views: 27550 Monthly

    Genres: Action Fantasy Shounen

    Author: Lee Deung Byeol

    Rank: 0th

    Summary: Irene Perreira is a boy who sleeps to run away from reality. People mocked him, calling him a ’dead...

  • Live Dungeon!


    Live Dungeon!

    Rating: 0

    Views: 21555 Monthly

    Genres: Action Adventure Fantasy

    Author: Dy Reito

    Rank: 0th

    Summary: An old MMORPG called Live Dungeon. Before the service was terminated, Kyotani Tsutomu made full use ...

  • Rouman Kurabu

    Vol.02 Ch.013

    Rouman Kurabu

    Rating: 4.86

    Views: 1392 Monthly

    Genres: Adventure Shounen Supernatural

    Author: AMANO Kozue

    Rank: 21041th

    Summary: A mountain spirit is strangely attracted to the club members of the Roman club in the high school ne...

  • Jungle Juice


    Jungle Juice

    Rating: 0

    Views: 7359 Monthly

    Genres: Action Fantasy Horror

    Author: 형은

    Rank: 0th

    Summary: The mysterious bug medicine ’Jungle juice’ made him an insect human. Jang Su-chan, a college stud...

Ao Ashi

Ao Ashi


School Life Seinen Sports

Author:KOBAYASHI Yuugo UENO Naohiko


Seinen sports (football) series, serialized on Big Comic Spirits. Nominated for the 2017 Manga Taish...

  • Hinako Note

    Hinako Note

    Vol.01 Ch.015


    Hinako Note

    Rating: 4.57

    Views: 2188 Monthly

    Genres: Comedy Seinen Slice of Life

    Author: Mitsuki (三月)

    Rank: 8740th

    Summary: Hinako is poor at speaking, and lives in a rural part of Japan. She wants to improve her speech to b...

  • Tougen Anki

    Tougen Anki



    Tougen Anki

    Rating: 0

    Views: 12371 Monthly

    Genres: Action Drama Fantasy

    Author: URUSHIBARA Yuki

    Rank: 0th

    Summary: Ichinose Shiki is a boy in a rebellious period who likes guns! Before such four seasons, a mysteriou...

  • No Longer A Heroine!

    No Longer A Heroine!



    No Longer A Heroine!

    Rating: 0

    Views: 1669 Monthly

    Genres: Drama Psychological Romance

    Author: Gi Meng-gi

    Rank: 0th

    Summary: Cheon Lisa has been acting since she was little, building a good reputation with her amazing acting ...

  • Sabbath Cafe

    Sabbath Cafe

    Vol.01 Ch.008.2


    Sabbath Cafe

    Rating: 4.82

    Views: 1741 Monthly

    Genres: Drama Psychological School Life

    Author: YACHI Emiko

    Rank: 20565th

    Summary: There’s a new student at St. George International School, and soon he becomes one of the most talke...

  • Gosam Mussang

    Gosam Mussang



    Gosam Mussang

    Rating: 0

    Views: 9366 Monthly

    Genres: Fantasy Martial Arts School Life

    Author: B-gyup Dal'gung

    Rank: 0th

    Summary: 1000s of years of history lies dormant in the hidden world of martial arts. Yet the struggles have n...

  • Oujo Denka wa Oikari no you desu

    Oujo Denka wa Oikari no you desu

    Vol.02 Ch.006


    Oujo Denka wa Oikari no you desu

    Rating: 0

    Views: 4008 Monthly

    Genres: Action Fantasy School Life

    Author: YATSUHASHI Kou

    Rank: 0th

    Summary: The Greatest Mage, Princess Leticiel, lost her life in a war and transmigrated a thousand years into...

  • Honey Lemon Soda

    Honey Lemon Soda

    Vol.15 Ch.062


    Honey Lemon Soda

    Rating: 4.39

    Views: 5239 Monthly

    Genres: Drama Romance School Life

    Author: MURATA Mayu

    Rank: 978th

    Summary: Fifteen-year-old Ishimori Uka is a very shy girl that can’t stand being in front of someone. One da...

  • Danchigai





    Rating: 4.8

    Views: 4111 Monthly

    Genres: Comedy School Life Seinen

    Author: YONEDA Kazusa

    Rank: 2126th

    Summary: The manga follows the everyday lives of five siblings—four sisters and one brother—who share a mul...

  • Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

    Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

    Vol.09 Ch.111


    Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

    Rating: 4.84

    Views: 23806 Monthly

    Genres: Comedy Fantasy Seinen

    Author: COOL Kyoushinsha

    Rank: 268th

    Summary: Kobayashi who lives in an apartment, got Tohru pushed onto her to live together. Tohru thinks of man...

  • Max Level Returner

    Max Level Returner



    Max Level Returner

    Rating: 0

    Views: 26672 Monthly

    Genres: Action Adventure Fantasy

    Author: 이지득

    Rank: 0th

    Summary: For the first time in 22 years, Yoon Sang-Hyuk cleared the world’s worst survival game. He, the so...

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  • Seoul Station's Necromancer

    Seoul Station’s Necromancer


    Seoul Station's Necromancer

    Rating: 0.0

    Views: 5438 Monthly

    Genres: Action Adventure Supernatural

    Author: JIN Seol-woo

    Rank: 0th

    Summary: When former high school student Kang Woojin finds himself returned back to Earth after being forcibl...

  • Pet (MIYAKE Ranjou)

    Pet (MIYAKE Ranjou)


    Pet (MIYAKE Ranjou)

    Rating: 0.0

    Views: 1851 Monthly

    Genres: Supernatural Psychological Mystery

    Author: MIYAKE Ranjou

    Rank: 0th

    Summary: The story revolves around people who possess the ability to infiltrate human minds and manipulate me...

  • Asshou (Shouko)

    Asshou (Shouko)


    Asshou (Shouko)

    Rating: 0.0

    Views: 12822 Monthly

    Genres: Shounen Psychological Romance

    Author: Shouko

    Rank: 0th

    Summary: Yoshida-san is beautiful. Yoshida-san is popular. Yoshida-san is a little weird. Yoshida-san... I...

  • The Big Shot's Darling Returns

    The Big Shot’s Darling Returns


    The Big Shot's Darling Returns

    Rating: 0.0

    Views: 1680 Monthly

    Genres: Drama Fantasy Romance

    Author: 阅文漫画

    Rank: 0th

    Summary: Jun Qing finally transmigrates back to her original world, but finds out her own body had been taken...

  • I Decided Not to Pretend I Don't See It Anymore

    I Decided Not to Pretend I Don’t Se...


    I Decided Not to Pretend I Don't See It Anymore

    Rating: 0.0

    Views: 4390 Monthly

    Genres: Fantasy Romance Webtoons

    Author: Yulbi

    Rank: 0th

    Summary: I realized after going back in time. My husband who had an affair had an affair again, and the woman...

  • The Predator's Fiancee

    The Predator’s Fiancee


    The Predator's Fiancee

    Rating: 0.0

    Views: 2468 Monthly

    Genres: Drama Fantasy Romance

    Author: Lisabel

    Rank: 0th

    Summary: Her future in which she would become the fake concubine to a demonic man from the same family, and w...

  • Yuri's Palace

    Yuri’s Palace


    Yuri's Palace

    Rating: 0.0

    Views: 1798 Monthly

    Genres: Drama Fantasy Romance

    Author: Haewon

    Rank: 0th

    Summary: In the Sun Empire, only women can be the ruling monarch. In this world, Emperor Yuri, who doesn’t b...